Dear visitor of our official web page of Villa ramonte, if you want to rent our villa you can contact us in the following ways: Telephone: +38267537232 & +38268070635 or by Email address:

Pricelist of our rental services:
1 – 3 days the rental price is 150 EUR
3 – 7 days the rental price is 130 EUR
If you want to rent a villa for a month, the price is 1500 EUR.

Our villa is located in Bajice, next to Cetinje. The total land area is 830 square meters, while the villa itself has a capacity of 430 square meters. The villa has its own air conditioning and heating, a power generator, a hydrofoil, a parking space as well as all the basic things necessary for a villa of this quality for 5 stars.

  • Number of bedrooms: 4
  • Number of bathrooms: 3
  • Type of house: Villa
  • Flooring: Wood and ceramics
  • Separate toilet
  • Roof terrace
  • Balcony: 2
  • Price inclusive: Service costs